Who Are We?

We are . . .

  1. a network of house churches 

  2. fellow seekers of God, broken people who are in the process of being healed by Jesus Christ 

  3. an unlikely mix of pilgrims from every walk of life and many cultures, doing life together in Jesus’ name

  4. Christ-centered and Bible-based, an missional church without ties to a denomination, but part of the Body of Christ at large, and associated with the fellowship of Christian churches and churches of Christ 

  5. a church without walls, cooperating with other Christian ministries and encouraging cooperative ventures in the name of Christ.

  6. a people who have been changed by God and given a purpose

  7. on a mission to be a colony of heaven on earth, and to be Christ’s ambassadors to the community

  8. vessels of love and acceptance, and emissaries of healing and restoration

  9. many, and yet we are one

  10. called out from the world, and then sent back into it

  11. extensions of God's grace to all, known by our radical hospitality, generous sharing and uncommon unity

  12. committed to Price Hill, to be a city on a hill, a candle in the darkness, a garden of beauty in the city

  13. passionately in love with God’s glory

  14. ancient church worshipers in our current culture

  15. diverse teachers and music styles

  16. a house of prayer, asking God to bring healing to the nations, starting in Price Hill and impacting the world

You might say that we are a group of people who have lost our religion . . . or you might say that we are a band of pilgrims who are learning what it means to dance with Jesus. 

We are a family, doing life together in Jesus’ name.


What you might want to know